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Welcome Friends~

One of the great gifts a person can enjoy is waking up to a day full of activities that interest, challenge and delight! It gives purpose to one’s life. Here’s a photo taken with a dear friend at Flora Komes’ 100th Birthday celebrated last fall at Flora Springs’ beautiful winery. Flora is lady who loves life – especially her family, her home and her garden.

We should all stay as engaged in life as this beautiful lady for whom Flora Springs is named

P2P has the privilege of doing several things that make life rich, challenging and deeply rewarding. One of them is working at a fabulous restaurant in Rochester called Sontes as their wine steward. What an honor to be a blog post feature this week; perfect pick-me-up during a hectic week of publish deadline for another dear project, A Night for Sight.

To read more about Sontes, and this week’s post, visit their blog. To read more about A Night for Sight, please visit their Facebook Page; in the next few days, you will see glimpses of the amazing lots for this year’s auction on May 19th. There are also great charity events to manage for BidPal, especially Hearts of Gold coming up April 28th for Rochester Catholic Schools.

A glimpse of A Night for Sight's 2011 Silent Auction

There are two other precious projects ~ writing the pairing menu for Somerby Golf Club, and our ongoing wine study group that, while tremendously fun, is also seriously studying wines on various paths toward certified, advanced and sommelier diploma program.

P2P apologizes for the lapse in posts recently. Please drop back by often for frequent updates.

Cheers! P2P

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