Cru & Pairing to Perfection visit CMAA

Life is absolutely wonderful these days… launching Pairing to Perfection has truly been a season of Kismet! So many steps forward lately… But the giant step forward this week was when Nick Barth of Cru Wine Online teamed with Pairing to Perfection as an educational, entertaining wine pairing presentation for the CMAA Upper Midwest Chapter at the Pool & Yacht Club in Lilydale, MN!

Past Pres Rollie Carlson and Pool & Yacht Club GM Maureen Gruntner

Will have more details in next Friday’s Entaste article. Please follow another day in the P2P “season of Kismet” by visiting the Entaste blog. Partnering with Nick & Cru Wine Online, presenting at CMAA, blogging on Entaste as well as here, tasting with Tessa & her great staff at Sontes, all make “work” dreamy. It feels silly to call launching Pairing to Perfection “work” because no one has ever been blessed with a better job, nor had more fun doing it.

In the meantime, P2P is in New Orleans for the annual CMAA World Conference… and to see our daughter, eat fabulous food, and reconnect with CMAA friends from all over the World. Look for more posts on this week soon! Bonsoir ~ P2P

Lassiez les CMAA bons temps rouler

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