A Little Hogue, Huge Conversation Over Lunch on a Snowy Afternoon

Cru Leerdammer Cheese Plater

Periodically Nick Barth, owner of Cru Wine Online, and P2P meet for lunch to discuss wine, pairings, our businesses, wine entertainment, and our families. It is one of the privileges of being a member of the Wine Community to have friends like Nick.Today we mused over a schedule for getting further certifications through Court of Master Sommeliers…

It is so wonderful to talk wine with folks who KNOW wine. Nick, Bre at Zzest, Steve from Apollo Northwest, Tessa from Sontes, and Mike, Lauren and Dana from Cap’N'Cork are all wonderful members of the wine community that encourage P2P everyday. Do you know how much our discussions and your insights are appreciated? This has been a week of good company, great discussion, and tasting new wines. Truly a taste, a sip; a perfection paring rules this week.

Cap N Cork winewall

So over a leisurely lunch at Bacio’s, enjoying Hogue Riesling and butternut squash ravioli, Nick and P2P talked wine community, pairings, new finds, and mutual friends like Rollie at St. Cloud Country Club. Definitely worth a snowy drive from Rochester!

Hogue Riesling

Merci une mille fois! P2P

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